about Takoyaki

あべのたこやき やまちゃん

A special soup makes our Takoyaki flavorful.
The secret of popularity is the taste of the batter.
Crispy outside and juicy inside.

Our tasteful “batter” is the best to eat without any sauce!
4 hours boiled soup with chiken bone and about 10 kinds of vegetables and fruits,
we blend the soup with broth of kelp and bonito to make the great batter.

We start bioling the soup adding onions, cabege, carrots and various sesonal fresh fruit which are more than 10 kinds, and we keep boiling for more than 4 hours. Then pour broth of kelp and bonito, and add flour to make it flavorful.

Please enjoy our batter made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

How we bake Takoyaki is one of ‘Yamachan’s appeal points!
We bake Takoyaki slowly with taking enough time on a thick custom-made iron plate,
that makes Takoyaki delicious and flavorful.

Ingredient not insistent but simple. Green onions and octopus make a great harmony.
We use Aonegi (green onions, one of specialties of Kansai) , which makes the flavor of Takoyaki from Osaka.

We have various menu besides Takoyaki. Which is Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki and Tompeiyaki!
Every meal has various flavors, please enjoy it!

Put sweet and spicy sauce if you like.
We also have thick soy sauce which matches our Takoyaki!
Please try our topping – home made soy sause and lemon soy sauce as well!